Guest Information

Guest Information

Welcome to The Country Club! We are looking forward to your visit and, if we can do anything to make your visit more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to ask. For your comfort and convenience we have listed the following guidelines:

Dress Code

Golf Attire

Proper golf attire for Members, Family Affiliates and Guests includes slacks, shorts with a minimum out-seam of 19 inches for men and 18 inches for ladies, and skirts of similar length for ladies. Improper attire includes swimwear, “short shorts," cargo shorts, blue jeans, tennis shorts, cut-offs, mini-skirts, tank tops, or T-shirts with inappropriate printing. Shirt tails should be tucked in and caps worn with the bill facing forward. All gentlemen and boys headwear should be removed in all inside dining areas of the clubhouse.

In the Clubhouse

Proper attire is required in all areas of the Club premises. In the formal, southern wing of the Clubhouse, including the Living Room, Foyer, Pine, Crystal and Mather Rooms, men and older boys must wear jackets (ties are optional) except in connection with events for which casual attire has been authorized by the General Manager or President.

In other areas of the Clubhouse, including the Flynn Grill, Spoon & Niblick, Men’s Grill, and Dining Terrace, casual sports attire is permitted. Sports attire includes appropriate golf shirts, slacks, Bermuda length shorts and skirts of similar length for women. Appropriate sports warm-up suits are not permitted in the Flynn Grill but may be worn in the Flynn Lounge and Men’s Grill. No swimming suits or tennis shorts are permitted except as incidental to the use of the swimming pool and tennis court areas, appropriate cover ups shall be worn outside of the pool area. Hats and caps worn by gentlemen and boys are to be removed in all inside dining areas of the Clubhouse.

Cell Phones

Except in cases of medical emergency, cell phone use is only permitted in telephone booths, privately reserved rooms, locker rooms, the tennis facility, pool area and parking lots. As a courtesy to others, any calls must be short in duration. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in all dining areas, both inside and out. On the golf course, cell phone use is not permitted in the golf practice areas, but is permitted beyond the first tee with the agreement of the members of the foursome playing. Members and their guest may carry their cell phones, but must keep the ringers on silent mode. There are conveniently placed phones throughout the Clubhouse and property, and your use of those phones is requested and appreciated.


The Country Club has a no-smoking policy throughout the entire Clubhouse and outdoor dining areas.

Bag Drop

Golf bag drop-off and pick-up is located on the main driveway front circle area. Please stay to the right as you enter the front circle.

Valet Service and Parking

Valet parking is available at the front circle for evening events at the Club. Self parking is available in the main lot, left of the entrance driveway.

Locker Rooms

Please see our Locker Room Managers upon arrival to be shown to your locker guest locker. The Men's Locker Room entrance is located through the door under the green awning. The Ladies Locker Room entrance is located to the left of the main entrance, off the front circular driveway.

Desmond Burrell, Men's Locker Room Manager - ext. 178
MaryJane Heil, Ladies Locker Room Manager - ext. 162

- The Board of Directors